By now you’ve probably read one of our previous blog posts 7 ReasonsWhy Your Dating Profile is The Worst. If this post hit a little too close to home, I’m here to help you upgrade your online dating profile from douche-bag status to full inbox status. In this post I’ll be focusing on sending emails and private messages. The online dating first email can make or break the potential to take this connection offline.


How to Nail the First Online Dating Email:

 1. Short and Sweet

The last thing you should be doing with your online dating first email is proclaiming your love through a shakespearean sonnet. Keep it to three sentences, introducing yourself.


2. End with a Question

Your online dating success is dependant on whether or not you can connect with the person offline. Before you can come out and ask the person to meet with you and do the dirty (that’s pretty creepy for a first interaction) try to build a conversation. Get them to build a conversation with you. The easiest way to do this is by doing some online dating research. Look through their profile and ask a question about some of the info they shared. Maybe they’ve traveled through Europe, ask about their experience, if they’ve seen the Eiffel tower.


3. No Double Standards

You’re a member of xxxconnect for the exact same reason as the sexy woman that you’re messaging. If she sends you a message first, don’t consider her desperate. She’s proactive. Online dating profile examples for men are no different for women. It doesn’t matter who sent the first message, what matter is that the connection is made.


4. No response? No Sweat

Depending on what you’re after, online dating success isn’t a numbers game, unless of course you’re a member of SexSearch, in which case the more the merrier! If you’re after a serious connection than if you don’t get a response to your amazingly composed e-mail, it just wasn’t meant to be. Move on. Also, don’t freak out if you don’t get an immediate response. The recipient may just be too busy to respond immediately.

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